Sensing my boundary

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In my normal routine I live pretty isolated. I am used to a lot of alone-time and I love that. Today with the covid-19 virus and the corona protocol we are asked (or forced) to stay at home. 

Personally I do not have any problem with the isolation. I regret not seeing my friends and family, but other than that, no problem.
However I am not completely isolated. My partner is at home all the time as well. And that gives stress. I love him to bits, but I do not feel free to do whatever I want. I am mothering around him, keeping myself busy in my office but listen constantly if he needs something. And when I am focused and busy with my own work, suddenly he stands inside my office asking if coffee is ready.

I realised I am not taking my personal space, I am not setting my boundary. Therefor the boundaries between Imke and me are fading, which is causing stress for both of us.

If you are a care-giver like me, always putting other people first, you might feel drained and tired. It is important to set a boundary for you personal space. But like many of my clients, you may not be aware of your personal space at all. 

In the video below I share the guided visualization to learn to feel you energy boundary. By doing this exercise daily until you have mastered it, you will notice you can consciously make your personal space bigger or smaller to meet the needs of your current situation. This will help you in situations like today, where you need to take care of your personal space to keep yourself and your relationships healthy.


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