1. De Pijndans workshop/lezing
    Hierin wordt aan de hand van de beroemde A.C.C.E.P.T. methode uit het boek ‘The Pain Dance; how to deal with chronic pain and move beyond victimhood.’ uitgelegd hoe je als chronische pijnpatiënt op dit moment al je leven kunt veranderen en je pijn kunt verminderen. Je krijgt oplossingen die je nu direct thuis kunt toepassen zonder dat het veel geld kost. Ben jij er klaar voor om de regisseur te worden van je genezingsproces? Dan is deze workshop iets voor jou.
    Deze workshop/lezing kan naar wens gegeven worden in de duur van 1 uur, tot een hele dag.
  2. De Pijndans workshop voor therapeuten
    Werk jij als therapeut met veel cliënten die chronische pijn hebben? Wil je weten hoe jij als therapeut een meerwaarde kunt bieden aan deze cliënten zonder dat je meteen een groot bedrag moet investeren? Leer de tips en trucs die je als therapeut kunt doorgeven aan je cliënten met chronische pijn. Tips die mogelijk ook toepasbaar zijn bij cliënten zonder chronische pijn.
    Deze lezing kan naar wens gegeven worden in de duur van 45 minuten tot 90 minuten.
  3. Komt een pijnpatiënt bij de dokter…
    Heb jij het gevoel dat de dokter je niet begrijpt of dat hij/zij onvoldoende tijd voor je heeft? Deze lezing is speciaal bedoelt voor de chronische pijnpatiënten die zijn door gestuurd naar een pijn-polikliniek. Hiernaast kun je het “cheat sheet arts” alvast downloaden en gebruiken voor je eigen administratie. Dit “cheat sheet arts” is bedoeld om het gesprek met je arts van de pijnpolikliniek goed voor te bereiden. In deze lezing wordt je door alle stappen van het “cheat sheet arts” meegenomen en kun je vragen stellen.
    Deze lezing duurt ongeveer 45 minuten.
  4. Spierherstel in een notendop
    Heb jij vaak spierpijn als je in de sportschool bent geweest? Wil je graag meer gewicht heffen maar wil het niet helemaal lukken? Leer wat je kunt doen om je spieren te helpen herstellen van het bezoek aan de sportschool zodat je met meer plezier en zonder pijn kunt genieten van het sporten.
    Deze lezing duurt ongeveer 45 minuten en is speciaal ontwikkelt voor de klanten van sportscholen. Heb jij een sportschool en wil je graag dat Caroline Hoogerwerf deze lezing komt geven op jouw sportschool, neem dan contact met ons op.

The Lectures/workshops in Engish


  1. The pain dance workshop
    Learn different ways to reduce your pain. Learn how to take control of your own healing process. Including the famous A.C.C.E.P.T. pain techniques.
    The duration of this workshop can vary from 1 hour until an entire day, depending on your wishes
  2. The pain dance workshop for therapists
    Do you work with a lot of clients that experience chronic pain? In this workshop you learn about tips and tricks that are very valuable for you clients with chronic pain that do not cost you anything as a therapist. Some of these tips are also very valuable for non-chronic pain clients.
    The duration of this workshop can vary from 45 minutes until 90 minuts, depending on your wishes.
  3. My doctor doesn’t understand me!!
    How do you prepare you conversation with the doctor. What should you tell the doctor and what should you not tell him/her. Which questions should you ask your doctor? And how can you prevent mistakes in your healthfiles. In this workshop we will go through the “Cheat sheet Doctor” step by step to answer all your questions.
    Duration of this workshop is approximately 45 minutes.
  4. nutes.
  5. Muscle recovery in a nutshell
    Do you have aching muscles after a visit to the gym? Or do you want to lift weight like Arnold Swarzenegger, but you just don’t get there? Learn everything you need to know to take good care of your muscles so that you can enjoy the visit to your gym painfree and happy.
    The duration of this lecture is approximately 45 minutes.
  6. Change the Pain Dance for T.A.N.G.O. 4 health. How can you move from former painpatient to happy and healthy living? Learn the Techniques to move, sit at your desk, posture etc to stay healthy and not fall back into the pain dance. Learn about the Attitude you can adopt to reach your goals en live your dreams. Find out what healthy Nutricion is for you. Listen to what your body is telling you and which General symptoms you should pay attention to. Learn how to Observe your body to keep moving forward.
    (the T.A.N.G.O. 4 health technique can easily be adapted to different target audiences. I do need to know in advance which target audience I am telling this to and prepare fort his.)
  7. Healty nutricion and IBS. As IBS patiënt Caroline knows exactly what to do to help your intestines digest your food. What is healthy food and why have so many people more allergies or stomach aches? How can you find out which products are causing the pain? Which exercises can you do to improve good digestion and excretion?


Speaker’s Bio:

“Only those people who have suffered from chronic pain, understand really the impact of chronic pain into your life.”, sais Chronic Pain Expert Caroline Hoogerwerf, author of the upcoming book “The pain dance: how to deal with chronic pain and move beyond victimhood”. She has been a chronic pain patient for over 6 years caused by a backinjury. During this time she has been on waiting list for more than 2 years. She’s been sent from pillar to post and discoverd little mistakes in her files that have not been corrected despite her comments and are still sent from one specialist to another.
She has tried a countless amount of different therapies to overcome her pain. And the fact that she has a degree in Biologie and works as sportmassage therapist, sensi-therapist and breathingcoach has put her in the perfect position to regard the chronic pain problem both as patiënt and as therapist.

If you can’t wait for the book to come out, Caroline already gives speeches about The pain dance. How do you bridge the communication gap bestween Doctor and painpatient? What questions does your doctor ask you? What should you tell your doctor and what shouldn’t you tell him or her? How can you prevent mistakes in your healthfiles? And how do you own your pain and take the control of your healing process into your own hands? Because of her experience as a chronic pain patient herself and because of experiences of other chronic pain patients, Caroline puts her finger on the weak spots and gives a solution for the pain patients to take home and do at any time possible.

The most important thing is to get a grip on your healing process. Establish your goal and start your journey to healt. What can you do right now is what Caroline show’s you in her workshops. And if you need adaptations she will come up with solutions on the spot.

In her second book (working title T.A.N.G.O. 4 health) Caroline will take the healed pain patient even further into a happy and healthy life style. She is already giving workshops about the T.A.N.G.O 4 health program. She has given a special version at the Dutch Entrepreneurs event in Deventer about the adaptations of your workspace (learn to sing the T-rap and you know how to adjust your chair to work healthy ).

Caroline has grown up in a doctors family. She has her M.Sc in Biology (Dutch University Degree). Ir. Engineer in Biology is comparable to M.Sc degree and works as a sportmassage therapist.

This gives her the unique position and knowledge to create a solution of het social problem : Long waiting lists for chronic pain treatment facilities and an increase of the number of chronic pain patients.

Her mission is to decrease the waiting time for pain patients with 50% and to give pain patients the healing process into their own hands.

As a teenager, at the age of 16, she started presentations in the projects of Novib, Apenheul and municipality Apeldoorn. When she went studying at Wageningen University in 1995 she gave guided tours on the tidal flats of the Waddensea.

She also worked for Ecomare and assisted the professor Karlé Sykora.
She has her teaching degree and tought biology for about 2 years at different levels. After moving back to Apeldoorn she picked up giving guided tours and workshops at the monkeyzoo: Apenheul.

She has given mutiple presentations for events (spirituele beurs Apeldoorn, Massagebeurs Hoevelaken, Ik start smart Deventer, KNNV, NGS)