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Reducing pain with essential oils

Learn which 10 essential oils can relieve your pain

Stop the pain!

That was my question all these years and it is usually also the question of my fellow sufferers. So logical, this question. But it's focused on the word PAIN. Everything that you give attention grows. Pain as well.

Why don't we ask a question about the success we want to achieve? What do you want to achieve in your life when the pain eases? Do you want to be able to cycle again? Then ask: how can I cycle again? Do you want to be able to play the piano again? Then ask: how can I play the piano again? That is simple and focused on the positive result. It takes some 'creative thinking'. But if you do that consciously, it will certainly work. How to do that when all you can think is: "stop that F-pain!!!!!!!!"

I can't stop your pain for you. Relieving pain is possible. That's where the profit is. How can I relieve my pain so that I can ... again. Just fill in what applies to you.

In this webinar I will give you simple tips on how to relieve your pain with the ten most used essential oils. Advice that you can immediately apply by yourself at home, in your life. Tips that you can build into your lifestyle and rhythm, so that it suits you best and so that it yields the most for you. So that you can focus on your positive end result with the help of the essential oil.

This is what you will learn:

Almost all essential oils have a positive effect on your well being. When you feel happier, you experience less pain. In this sense, virtually all oils can have positive effects to reduce pain. However, oils can do more than this. In this webinar the following subjects will be dicussed:

  • How can you use essential oil and when do you use which method?
  • What are the top 10 most used essential oils?
  • How can you relieve pain with these 10 oils?
  • You can ask questions about these 10 oils and essential oil pain relief.

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Did you know...

As a biologist with skills in herbology, I am a huge fan of plants and their healing powers. Did you know that almost all medicines we use today have their origin in plants, excretions of bacteria, animals or fungi?

Many of these substances are now produced synthetically in order to stabilize the dosage and to have only the active substance without any assisting substances.

However, the assisting substances often have a positive effect, with regard to the absorption of the active substance or to reduce side effects of the active substance.

How nice would it be when you can use the entire natural plant extract?

Often the active substance of plants is in the volatile parts (parts that evaporate first) and that is the essential oil. Essential oil is therefore a very concentrated herbal substance with strong healing powers. Which, to be fair, can also do harm when used incorrectly. 

That is why good knowledge of the correct use is of great importance. Hence this webinar.

There are many different brands of essential oils. These are not all pure. A lot of these oils are produced synthetically. Did you know that more lavender oil is sold than is grown on earth. This means many oils are adulterated. Adulterated oil are not beneficial and cannot be used on the skin and certainly not internally.

 I myself work with the brand doTERRA*. Personally, I think this is a very nice brand and I like working with this pure (organic) oil.

* My advice and this webinar are solely about using doTERRA oil. I cannot say anything about the quality of other brands of essential oil, because I have no personal experience with them.