Book Launch

Book Launch

The Book Launch Gala was a tremendous fun party.
Everyone enjoyed themselves. A lot of new information was shared to and the public was educated and entertained.
There were a lot of positive reactions on my bestseller. In this (Dutch) video you get an overview and feel of the festive atmosphere.

On the stage you can see one of the sponsors giving valuable information about the use of Magnesium to reduce
pain. The first books are offered to:

  • Hilda Wieberneit-Tolman: boardmember of the Pain Alliance Europe
  • Paulus Blokhuis: Secretary of State for Health

During this party we raised money for charity: Klara Foundation

The Klara Foundation does not jet have an English website, but they are working on it.

From all the books that I sell 10% goes directly to the Klara Foundation to help the orphins in Kisumu Kenya.
Besides the booksales we received €125,- in donations. We are very pleased with this amount. Thank you so much.

The Klara Foundation is active in Kisumu Kenya for more than 15 years. A lot of good work has been done for (aids)
orphins. They have built schools, water wells, libraries etc. They also have a program for clothing, food (in schools),
books, computers and medical care. You can find more information in Dutch on their website or their facebookgroup.

Caroline explains: “This is a small scale foundation that was founded by the Family of Klaartje Derks, my friend and fellow student, who has had a fatal accident to early in her young life. I am very happy that her bright, kind and giving
spirit is honoured in this beautiful work of the Klara Foundation

You can find more information about Klara in my book (The Pain Dance) on page 92.

This Book Gala was sponsored by:

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