Cure Barefoot!l

As long as the weather is nice, we can still enjoy it: Walking outside barefoot. On the beach, in the grass, in the woods.

Walking barefoot outside is healthy!

There is an enormous electromagnetic load on WiFis, mobile phones, computers, tablets, microwave ovens, etc. This has serious consequences: see the
EHS foundation. This causes all kinds of vague complaints, including pain complaints. By grounding you can neutralize this. Earthing recharges you and gives you energy again.

Nowadays we have a lot of insulation in the house. Earthing has become difficult because of our shoes, our clothes and the carpeting that isolates us from the earth. Therefore, walk outside barefoot or lie comfortably in the grass. You only need to be in contact with the earth with one finger (also possible on the water pipe) to be completely grounded. You can also pass it on. If you are in contact with someone who is grounded (with bare skin in contact with the earth) you are also grounded.

Is it too cold outside or are you not able to be in direct contact with the earth for some reason? There are more and more grounding products that you can connect to the earth (via a grounded socket or a ground spike) that can also help you ground and relax indoors.

When I still had my massage practice, most of my clients lay on a grounding mat. That's how they were grounded and so was I.

I myself did not notice the difference with an earthing mat (I sleep on it). Until my friend pulled the plug out of the socket to vacuum..... I slept badly that night. The next morning I was in more pain. It really took me a while to realise that it was the (non-earthed) grounding mat.

It is possible that your complaints, which have arisen over a long period, will also slowly decrease. Then you won't notice the difference until you turn-off the mat or sheet. Then you will notice. There are also people who immediately notice the difference with an earthing sheet and get rid of their pain within a week.

What is your experience with earthing?

Share your experience in the comments.


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