Do you live according to the expectations of others?l

I thought I was doing really well. A daily walk of at least an hour. Finally overcoming my fear of webinars and planning my new webinar ‘pain behavior explained’.

And then: sick. Really sick. A sore throat, headache, nose cold and a fever. I had to stay in bed. With 347 days in a row with 10.000 steps a day, I just missed my stepping stone of making it a whole year. My voice disappeared, just in case I was thinking I was still able to give the webinar. I had to postpone.

Why? Just when I thought to fulfill my mission, to follow my passion. Just when I was doing what I should be doing. Just when I’m finally starting to answer the questions so many people ask through my book. What’s behind it?

Since I was really sick, it took a few days before I actually picked up the big thick book by Christiane Beerlandt. No Covid, the test showed that. Just a very bad cold (yes, that is still possible nowadays) or maybe the summer flu. Looked up a cold and that didn’t lie:

You withdraw from life because you do not connect to your warm inner center. Your head is empty, but filled with heaps of things that don’t matter (That’s right, it was full of snot).
You let your life. You are a victim of the circumstances. You live completely according to the expectations of others.

Well, guilty. That’s true. I completely live according to the expectations of others. I try to please everyone. I want to take good care of my partner, I am helping my mother-in-law, I want to do what my mentor and coach tell me. In fact; I try to make my virtual assistant happy. Now let that be the person I PAY to make ME happy.

Do you recognize that? That you are only concerned with making the people around you happy? That you do what other people expect of you?

Maybe it’s time to ask yourself the same question I’ve been asking myself:

Why am I doing this?

Christiane Beerlandt says:
Welcome yourself loving and warm. Connect to your warm inner SELF and leave the opinions of others for what they are. Only integrate what you want to integrate. Love yourself and no longer look outside yourself. Create your own life the way you want it.

Back to the source. Why did I write my book? Why do I want to launch this new program: Relieve Your Pain? What do I want my life to look like?

I want to help chronic pain patients to reduce their pain and improve their quality of life. More than 20% of the current (world) population suffers from chronic pain. Due to covid, the waiting lists have become even longer than they already were. Many of these chronic pain patients have been ‘medically’ treated and are at home. Without help.

To endure excruciating pain every day is terrible. I know that from experience and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. I want to help these people to reduce their pain, to find pleasure in their lives again

But I can’t do that alone. The huge wave of chronic pain patients who came to ask for help in 2017 after the launch of my book has terrified me. Too many chronic pain patients needing help. How do I do that? I’m just alone.

But I am a teacher, I am a coach, I am a therapist and I am an experience expert with my 7 years of chronic low back pain. I also did the chronic pain training at the Iton Foundation. The chronic pain patients who are out of treatment and ‘sent home’ or who are on the waiting list, often for months and months; come to the ‘normal therapist’.

These do not really know how to help these chronic pain patients and often fall short on very small things such as the way of asking questions. But the therapy can be so valuable if you can change those little things, if you know what to look for, if you can recognize pain behavior. (Register here for the free webinar recognizing pain behavior)

And therein lies my passion:

If I can teach (my passion) and help all kinds of therapists to use their therapy effectively to help chronic pain patients reduce their pain and enjoy their lives again. That’s my wish.

Then I can help pain patients. More than I can receive on a daily basis as a therapist, in more places in the Netherlands. Because help is needed. So desperately needed.


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