Do you believe in miracles?l

Do you believe in miracles?

Over 60% of all people believe in miracles. There has been a research in the Netherlands and this result has been published in the daily news. The reporter herself sounded very surprised.
Are you one of the 60% of believers?

If you have chronic pain, you better wish that you are.

Even though in the news-item a lady has been interviewed who strongly convinced us of faith healing. She experienced parkinson disease at young age and it incapacitated her mostly.
In a faith healing she was miraculously healed from Parkinson’s. Of course her neurologist did all possible test but the MRI proved that her brain had changed. It WAS truly healed. He couldn’t believe what he saw. She was very grateful and lived her live again as she had before she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. It never completely disappeared, but she could live her life again. A true miracle.

Naturally there was also an interview with a sceptic person who didn’t believe in miracles and never witnessed one.

Who is right?


It doesn’t matter if you believe in miracles or not YOU are ALWAYS RIGHT!

The wonderful thing about miracles and faith healing is that the changes, as in the story above, can be proven. Neurological scans show significant differences in peoples brains before and after the faith healing session.
That is to say: in the brains of the people that believe the faith healing changed their physical situation.
The crucial word in this sentence is the word believe.

There is an enormous amount of plasticity in our brain. It means that our brain can adapt. It can adapt to a situation, a thought, an experience…our brain is adaptive.
And our body follows. But only if we believe.

If we believe faith is healing us, it will. If we believe faith healings are scams and no-body will be healed by faith, it won’t heal us. Whatever you believe, is what your brain will make sure will come true. If you believe that a product is healing you, it will: we call it the placebo effect.
If you believe a product is making you sick, it will: we call that the nocebo effect.
And no matter what people say about miracles: the placebo and nocebo effect are a scientifically proven to be true.
Researchers can manipulate the outcome of the effectivity of a product purely by the way they make you feel about it.

If the doctor listens to you, gives you a feeling of comfort and understanding. If you trust this doctor to know what he/she is doing and understands your ailment. There is more chance that the treatment will be effective.
If you feel like one in a million people visiting this doctor and while he is listening to you he is also looking on his phone, asking twice the same question and giving you the feeling he still didn’t hear your answer. There is quite a big chance the treatment will not work. Even if both doctors apply the same treatment.

That is the power of believing.

If you want to know more about this:
In lesson 2 of the Illuminating Pain Online Program I explain all about this and I give you tools how you can train your brain to reset your belief system.


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