Magnesium and hormonesl

Did you know that magnesium not only plays an important role in stress?

Magnesium also appears to be involved in all enzymatic processes in the body. We need it to absorb our vitamins and minerals.

Jaap van Sloten (owner of Zechsal) said: “Magnesium is like a pizza base that you can build on. Without magnesium we are comparable to a sieve. We can throw in all kinds of things, but most of it sinks through undisturbed and is removed again.”

Magnesium has a key role in our hormone balance. Without magnesium we cannot produce the feel-good hormones (Oxy, Sero and Melanie). Hence, magnesium deficiency can also easily cause depression and anxiety. This explains the endless questionnaires that we, chronic pain patients, have to fill out about depressive thoughts and feelings of anxiety. Anxiety and depression often go hand in hand with chronic pain. This not only has to do with the hopeless situation, but also with the chemical housekeeping of our body. Evidence is mounting that chronic pain causes inflammation in various places in the body, which intensifies with a magnesium deficiency, causing more fatigue. This causes a decrease in feel-good hormones such as Sero (serotonin) which has a pain-dampening effect. This causes more pain and stress, which in turn causes more inflammation. A terrible vicious circle that I call the pain dance and that almost all chronic pain patients know very well.

It is not said that magnesium can break the dance of pain. However, it has been shown that a lack of magnesium contributes to keeping the vicious circle, I call the Pain Pance, instantaneous.

That's why I'm a big advocate for all pain sufferers to supplement their magnesium!


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