Never get jet lag again!l

You probably know the feeling of a jet lag. You’re tired all day, but no way you’re sleeping at night. All night you lie in bed staring at the ceiling and waiting for the new day to start.

Jet lag is probably one of the biggest drawbacks of travelling. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of a jet lag and I’ll tell you how I deal with it.

I remember one-time I was on a holiday with a friend and we had to make a stop-over in Kuala Lumpur. We were so tired that we immediately went to bed to sleep. At 7 o’clock our alarm went off and we got dressed for breakfast and… turned out to be 7 o’clock in the evening. We had only slept for an hour and luckily still had a long night of sleep ahead of us. We totally forgot to adjust the time on our alarm.

But what do you do if you first have to be alert and present for a whole day? Or if you can’t sleep because your internal clock is completely upset?

Did you know that we humans are closely connected to the earth’s surface and that our body gets upset when it comes loose from the earth? Some people can handle it better than others, but flying in an airplane or helicopter has an effect on everyone. For example, we lose moisture when we are high in the sky, which we can compensate by drinking enough water.

When we get off the plane, maybe just an hour of time difference, maybe completely on the other side of the world and your body is completely lost. It does not longer know what time it is, when it is time to eat and when to sleep. We call it jet lag.

And it is very easy to solve. So easy that most of us forgot how to do it.

We just need to reconnect with the earth’s surface of that part of the earth we are now.

Simply sit, stand or walk with your bare feet on a piece of sand or grass for 30 minutes. Straight into the earth with your bare feet. By doing this, you will reset your internal clock to the internal clock of the earth. The jet lag will disappear. You have ‘landed’ again.

And don’t forget, you really have to stand with your bare feet on the earth. So barefoot inside a hotel often doesn’t work. Outside with shoes doesn’t help either, as the soles of our shoes are often very good insulators. You really have to be for 30 minutes on your bare feet and your jet lag is gone. You can do this anytime and anywhere, but if you are in an area with potentially poisonous animals or parasites, please be careful and choose wisely were you go outside with bare feet.

Happy holidays!


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