No Easter without eggs!l

Easter is all about the egg. Chocolate Easter eggs, real chicken eggs... But what does the egg actually mean and what does it have to do with chronic pain?

Symbolism of the egg

The egg has many symbolic meanings. The egg mainly stands for fertility. Farmers hid eggs in the soil of their fields in the hope that the field would be fertile and produce a lot of crops.

The egg also represents creation: a new life bursting out of the shell over time. The egg also stands for resurrection. There is little to see on an egg. It appears to be dead. Until the chick breaks open the shell and life is born from the dead egg.


Wonderful, but what does it have to do with pain?

If you have chronic pain it is important to find out what the message is from your body (Clarity). This can be very difficult if you don't have a point of reference.

If you don't know where to start at all, you can start by looking up your favorite food in the book "The horn of plenty" by Christiane Beerlandt. It contains the symbolic meanings of various foods. Below I give the meaning of eggs as a favorite food.

What the egg tells about the one who likes to eat eggs

The person who likes to eat eggs seeks shelter in it's own being, has the need to find deep within itself the germ of life. This person wants to connect with the essential core of their ego. The egg also represents friendship. For a loving embrace of the very self. The egg eater does well to develop a sense of peace and friendship in their heart. If the person does not live in conflict with itself, then it will not enter into battle with others. "I want to live," says the egg-eater, "without a feeling of desolation, loneliness and ostracism. I can solve this only within myself."

What the egg tells about me

I myself love eggs. Boiled, baked, as scrambled eggs, eggnog, in the savory pie....I love it all. That indicates that I want to live and that I am busy living from my deepest self. I find the latter very difficult. Not so much to really connect with my deepest self, but to show others my deepest self. For fear of being rejected, I would like to be the one you expect to see. This creates the pitfall that I will pretend to be different than I really am. I also tend to seek approval from those around me. My desire to eat eggs indicates that I can give my own approval and not look for it outside myself. This is the lesson the egg teaches me.

Why your food has a message for you

Your body knows exactly what it needs and will make sure you get it. You can rely on that. Your body recognizes what it needs, but this does not always have to be the healthiest variant. So be alert.

For example, I had a client who has been eating sugar-free for years. Suddenly her eye fell on yellow candy bananas. She was so excited about it, she could hardly walk past it. She controlled herself and kept walking. Suddenly she saw yellow candy bananas everywhere. Finally, she bought a bag and ate it all in one sitting. Embarrassed, she told me about the incident. We started commuting to the meaning of this and guess what? She needed turmeric (turmeric) and that is the dye that turns the candy bananas yellow. To get turmeric, she started drinking golden milk (sugar free) in the evening and has never felt the need for yellow candy bananas again.

In summary, the food you like to eat can carry a message for you and help you find the theme to work on. By resolving the issue and changing your lifestyle, you can get rid of your chronic pain or supplement your deficiencies.

Discover the message of your favorite food

What is your favorite food? Share it below in the comments and I'll give you the emotional meaning from the book ′′ the cornucopia ′′ by Christiane Beerlandt.


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