Clarity path exercisel

This is the Path Exercise from the Chapter Clarity of the book: The Pain Dance; how to deal with chronic pain and move beyond victimhood. This exercise is part of the A.C.C.E.P.T. method that is explained in the above mentioned book. If you do not have the book, please click here to download the book.

In this exercise we search the origin of your chronic pain by taking you back to the situations and descisions that brought you to this moment in time. In a guided visualisation or meditation I take you to these past descisions. There is no wrong or right. Just be patient and open for the memories that come to you.

Visualising or a guided meditation does not mean you have to see vivid pictures like a movie. Visualisation can happen in many different ways. Some people see nothing, but hear a word or a conversation. A friend of mine only sees a black screen with subtitles. Some people only get a sense of smell. All of that is good. As long as it triggers your memory and gives you an insight of how you got into this situation.


Make sure you have a pen and paper ready for you, to write down your insights as soon as you are finished with this meditation. You want to write down what you remember when your memory is fresh. Find a place in solitude that you can use undisturbed for the coming 30-40 minutes. You can choose your position, sitting or lying down, whatever feels most comfortable for you. If you ly down, but fell asleep, that is okay. Just take another moment to do it again, but now sitting down, so you can write down your insights.


a.c.c.e.p.t., exercise

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