Suck your pain awayl

Create Oxy with a pacifier

Oxytocin (Oxy) is the cuddle hormone, which is particularly known from breastfeeding. During breastfeeding, both mother and child produce a lot of this hormone, so that the bond between mother and child is created and strengthened. This bonding hormone is one of the strongest painkillers in existence. And you can create this yourself.

You make more Oxy through love.

Love, loving, petting, caressing, kissing, making love, sex etc but also listening with attention, eating together and laughing are all ways to create more Oxy. A lot of Oxy is released during breastfeeding, both in mother and child. It may sound strange, but sucking on a pacifier produces Oxy. It looks weird, but it works. In addition, a pacifier is a lot cheaper and healthier than heavy pain medication. I rightly get the comment about this: by touching and cuddling you produce more Oxy than by a pacifier. But if touch (due to pain) causes a lot of stress, a pacifier can be a safe place to start. It's no wonder that children get used to and become addicted to using a pacifier so quickly.

Professors and doctors in particular disapprove of this budget solution. After all, it can't be that simple. But I hear that about more budget solutions. It is often the simple things that are overlooked or even maligned. After all, that can't be better than an expensive drug. But the budget solutions are about these very simple solutions. Does it work? For me yes. Does it work for you too?

I challenge you to try it for yourself!



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