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Back in the days when I still had my massage practice, it sometimes happened that someone became very emotional and started crying. Often it was then not possible to talk about the emotion. By applying the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) you can remove the load from this emotion. And when the load of the emotion is gone, you can talk about this without tears.

The great thing is: EFT can be done at home, as often as you want. With EFT you can take the load off your emotion and with Clarity (book: The Pain Dance) you can find out the core message.


Gwenn Bonnell's EFT card, which is included in this blog with her permission, shows you exactly what to do. More information about EFT or EFT cards in other languages can be found on her website.

First you need to determine the problem. As an example I take fear of success.

Give a number between 1 and 10. Number 1 indicates: I am not bothered by anything. Number 10 indicates: My fear of success completely paralyzes me.

Step 1 (the setup)

Is finding the right affirmation: “Despite [the problem] I am [great, fantastic, sweet, etc.]

The better this affirmation fits the problem in question, the better the EFT works.

In this example: “Despite my fear of success, I am great”

Start with 3x the affirmation while tapping on the Karate point.

Step 2 (the sequence)

Now we use tapping on the acceptance points on the right side while continuing to repeat the affirmation out loud. At each point, repeat the affirmation and knock 5x (or more). You start with the:

  • inside of your eyebrow;
  • then outer eye;
  • right under the eye;
  • under your nose;
  • under your lower lip;
  • just below the collarbone-sternum junction;
  • under your armpit;
  • outside nail thumb;
  • outside nail index finger;
  • outside nail middle finger;
  • outside nail pinky;
  • Gamut point.

Step 3 (the 9 Gamut)

The “crazy bit” to turn off your thinking and unify your left and right brain.

Knock this whole part on the Gamut point

  • Close your eyes;
  • Open your eyes;
  • Look down to the right (with your eyes only);
  • Look down to the left (with your eyes only);
  • Turn a complete circle with your eyes to the left;
  • Turn a complete circle with your eyes clockwise;
  • Name the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5;
  • Hum the first line of happy birthday to you;
  • Name the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9, 10;
  • Hum the second line of happy birthday to you.

Step 4 (The sequence)

Now repeat step two but on the left side.

Think back to the problem. What number are you giving it now? If it's lower than a 4, you're done. Otherwise, you can do it again.

Do you now find out that you don't remember the problem or you can't remember the affirmation. That happens! You have completely erased (given away) the problem and are now at number 0.

Does the problem come back? Just EFT again.

If it didn't help at all, then you have to look at the problem: is it an emotion? Or the affirmation. Does the affirmation cover the entire load? Are you at the core?

Take the problem slowly layer by layer until it is gone.


EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping

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