In the old days, when we didn't have electricity, we got up when the sun rose and went to sleep when the sun went down. A very natural day and night rhythm. Nowadays we can decide for ourselves what time we go to sleep and if we want we can work all night long. Lighting and screen lighting (computer, TV, laptop, tablet, etc.) ensure that we constantly receive the message that it is still daytime. Then we go to bed, turn off the lights and expect to fall asleep. I continue to find it a wonderful phenomenon that some people can do this and fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. Most people can't do this. Their minds keep spinning.

In order to sleep we need to produce the hormone Melatonin: aka Melanie from the feel good club. Melanie loves to sit outside on the terrace in the evening and watch the sunset, or to sit in her room at dusk without the light on. She calls it twilight. She prefers to tell her friends at dusk how her day has been and she likes to hear from the other girls how their day has been. Melanie likes to do some yoga exercises at dusk. Then drink a glass of warm milk or golden milk and go to sleep.

How does this work then?

There are light-sensitive cells on our forehead between our eyebrows. The so-called third eye. These cells determine whether it is day or night. The amount of light that enters through your eyes also counts. Only when less light comes in, your brain receives the signal: “It is becoming nighttime, we are going to sleep soon, let's start producing the hormone Melatonin.”

To produce this hormone properly we have to do the same thing Melanie does. First, twilight: let your eyes enjoy the darkness around you. Drinking warm milk can help, because it contains the substance tryptophan, which you need to produce Melanie. Make sure you have enough vitamin B6 because you also need it to produce Melanie (note that vitamin B6 is not combined with Vitamin B11 and B12 because they keep you awake). Make sure you get enough magnesium, because without magnesium you cannot convert vitamin B6 from your food into the active form you need for Melanie.

Then it is wonderful (for women) to go through the day and let go. If they tell this to someone who listens attentively, they also produce Oxy (Oxtytocin). For most men it is more pleasant to just sit quietly in silence. Then they sit in their so-called empty box (Empty Box).

Why we can't sleep

Because we often look at illuminated screens (computer, laptop, tablet, TV, telephone) in the evening, the light-sensitive cells on our forehead and our eyes receive a lot of light. Illuminated screens emit as much (and sometimes even more) light than daylight outside. As long as we look at illuminated screens, our brains do not receive a signal that the day is coming to an end. As a result, our brains do not produce Melanie (the hormone melatonin).

By the time we turn off the light to go to sleep, the light-sensitive cells on our foreheads and our eyes suddenly no longer receive light. Now the brain receives the signal that it can start producing Melanie. So that's what they're going to do. It takes a while for this hormone to be produced and enter your blood, so that you also become sleepy and your brain can rest. In the meantime, we lie awake in bed with racing thoughts.

Tips for a good sleep

  1. Dim the lights at least half an hour before you go to sleep
  2. Turn off the TV and all computers.
  3. Meditate in the dark room or do some yoga exercises
  4. Listen to some quiet relaxing soft music
  5. Do the 10 minute breathing exercise: inhale-exhale-pause. Try to make the breaks longer and longer. If you do it right, your heart rate will drop.
  6. Carefully prepare a cup of warm milk or golden milk and drink it as warm as possible.
  7. Brush your teeth in a small (night) light.
  8. Make sure your bedroom is cool and well ventilated.
  9. Only use your bedroom for sleeping
  10. Go to bed at a fixed time and get up at the same time every morning.


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