160 names for sugar! Know what you eatl

Eating sugar-free reduces pain, reduces the pressure in your head and reduces large fluctuations in your blood sugar. The idea is nice, but are you sure you're eating sugar-free now? Do you know all the names of sugar?

Read labels

I can't make it any easier, it's really scouring the fine print on the packaging for the names of sugar. That's just where it starts. What is sugar actually called? There are very few packages that state that it contains sugar. Most manufacturers go out of their way to avoid the word sugar. There are at least 160 different names in circulation for the sugars that may be added to your product.

How do you deal with this

Avoid all packaging with the word .... sugar on it.
Note the additions with the words ....syrup, ....syrup, ....nectar and honey. This is all pure added sugar.
Pay attention to the words that end in -ose.
-ose indicates that it contains sugar. Just think of glucose, fructose, lactose, maltose etc.
Look up the words ending in -ol with google.
Many so-called sugar alcohols end in -ol. Do not confuse this with regular alcohol. These are sugar substitute sweeteners. Some are very common. In chewing gum and toothpaste. Just think of mannitol, xylitol, ethylmaltol and those kinds of difficult words.

Below I give a summary of the different names for sugar on food packaging. It contains no sweeteners (such as aspartame or the above-mentioned sugar alcohols). I would like this list to be complete. Unfortunately, food manufacturers are very creative in coming up with new names to deceive us. There are also many sugar names borrowed from other languages to confuse us (such as gula djawa). Eating sugar encourages eating even more sugar. You can see how this works in the video "how sugar affects the brain" by Nicole Avena. If we want more of the same product, we will buy more and the manufacturer will earn more. They make us addicted to their product and addicted to sugar. With all the undesirable consequences that entails.

  1. Agave nectar
  2. Agave syrup
  3. Maple cream
  4. Maple Syrup
  5. Apple juice concentrate
  6. Apple syrup
  7. Arenga (= Palm sugar from the sugar palm = Arenga pinnata)
  8. ‘Aroma’ (sugar + flavouring)
  9. Barbados sugar (= muscovado sugar)
  10. Caster sugar
  11. Beetroot juice
  12. Beet syrup
  13. Beet sugar
  14. Blackstrap Molasses (= 3x boiled sugar cane juice)
  15. Black treacle (= blackstrap molasses)
  16. Brown sugar
  17. Caramel (heated/burnt sugar)
  18. Carob (fruit) syrup
  19. Carobella syrup
  20. Castor melis
  21. Cyprus Black Gold
  22. Ready-to-use sugar
  23. D-glucose
  24. D-ribose
  25. Date syrup
  26. Demerara (= fine light brown cane sugar with a hint of caramel from the island of Mauritius)
  27. Dextrose (= another word for grape sugar and glucose)
  28. Diastatic Malt Extract
  29. Thick juice
  30. Dark / dark brown caster sugar
  31. Grape juice concentrate
  32. Dextrose (= glucose = monosaccharide = M-group of FODMAP)
  33. Final molasses (= blackstrap molasses = 3x boiled sugar cane juice)
  34. Fruit concentrate
  35. Fruit extract
  36. Fruit juice concentrate
  37. Fruit juice based on extracts or concentrates
  38. Fruit sugar (= fructose)
  39. Fructan (long hard-to-digest sugar chain from plants = F-group of FODMAP)
  40. Fructose (=Fruit sugar = monosaccharide = M-group of FODMAP)
  41. Fructose Invert Sugar Syrup
  42. Fructose syrup
  43. Galactose (= monosaccharide = M group of FODMAP)
  44. Burnt sugar
  45. Burnt sugar syrup
  46. Concentrated fruit juice
  47. Concentrated apple juice
  48. Concentrated pear juice
  49. Concentrated (…) juice
  50. Jelly sugar
  51. Yellow candy syrup
  52. Refined sugar
  53. Barley malt
  54. Barley malt sugar
  55. Millet syrup
  56. Glucose (= monosaccharide = M group of FODMAP)
  57. Glucose syrup
  58. Glucose-fructose syrup
  59. Golden syrup (=molasses=2x boiled sugar cane juice)
  60. Gula djawa (= Javanese palm sugar)
  61. Gula kelapa (= coconut blossom sugar)
  62. Gula melaka (= coconut blossom sugar (Malaysian name)
  63. Gula anau (= date palm sugar (Malaysian name)
  64. Gula aren (= date palm sugar)
  65. HFCS (=high fructose corn syrup)
  66. Honey (all kinds)
  67. Honeydew (=manna= excrement of plant sap-sucking insects such as aphids)
  68. Invert sugar
  69. Invert sugar syrup
  70. Invert syrup
  71. isoglucose
  72. Jaggery (= palm sugar)
  73. Javanese palm sugar
  74. Carob syrup
  75. Carob kernel syrup
  76. Candy
  77. Sugar candy
  78. Candy syrup
  79. Cinnamon sugar
  80. Caramel (= heated / burnt sugar)
  81. Caramel sugar syrup
  82. Sugar popping
  83. Coconut flour sugar
  84. Coconut blossom sugar
  85. Granulated sugar
  86. Crystalline fructose
  87. Lactose (= milk sugar = disaccharide of glucose with galactose = D-group of FODMAP)
  88. Light / light brown caster sugar (= fine granulated sugar with a hint of caramel)
  89. Skimmed milk powder (= about 50% sugar)
  90. Corn malt syrup
  91. Corn sugar
  92. Corn syrup
  93. Malt
  94. Maltodextrin
  95. Maltose
  96. Maltose syrup
  97. Manna (=honeydew=excrement of plant sap-sucking insects such as aphids)
  98. Molasses (= 2x boiled sugar cane juice)
  99. Milk sugar (=lactose/monosaccharide)
  100. Malt extract
  101. Malt sugar
  102. Malt syrup
  103. Muscovado (= unrefined sugar with a strong molasses taste)
  104. Mycosis (= Trehala manna = the cocoon of the parasitic Trehala beetle)
  105. Nectar
  106. Primordial sugar
  107. Organic raw sugar
  108. Palm sugar (sugar extracted from the sap of the sugar palm = Arenga pinnata)
  109. Panocha (Spanish name for raw sugar from corn)
  110. Panela (Spanish name for cane sugar)
  111. Pearl sugar
  112. Pear juice concentrate
  113. Piloncillo (Mexican name for cane sugar)
  114. "Powder Snow"
  115. Powdered sugar
  116. Rapadura (Portuguese name for cane sugar)
  117. Cane juice
  118. Cane sugar
  119. Cane sugar syrup (= 1x boiled sugar cane juice)
  120. Rice syrup
  121. Rice sugar
  122. Raw cane sugar
  123. Sucrose (= regular table sugar / disaccharide)
  124. Pouring syrup
  125. Syrup
  126. Sorghum syrup
  127. Spelled syrup
  128. Sucanat (Sugar Cane Natural = cane sugar)
  129. Sucrose (= regular table sugar / disaccharide)
  130. Sugar syrup
  131. Table sugar
  132. Wheat glucose syrup
  133. Wheat malt
  134. Wheat malt sugar
  135. Wheat syrup
  136. Treacle ((cane) sugar syrup)
  137. Trehala manna (= Trehalose = the cocoon of the parasitic Trehala beetle)
  138. Trehalose (= Trehala manna = the cocoon of the parasitic Trehala beetle (Larinus maculata))
  139. Turbinado (= light brown cane sugar)
  140. Vanilla sugar
  141. Fruit extract
  142. Fruit concentrate
  143. Fruit juice concentrate
  144. Fruit sugar
  145. Fruit juices based on extracts or concentrates
  146. White caster sugar
  147. White sugar
  148. (modified) Starch (=long sugar chain from plants such as potato)
  149. Black cane molasses

Did you also notice that there are no sugar names with Q, U, X and Y? I do know the name Xylitol.  But that's not sugar, it's a sweetener. So that doesn't count. Do you remember a sugar name that starts with a Q, U, X or Y? Or maybe you know a sugar name that isn't listed here yet? Let me know in the comment box and I'll add it.


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