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A lot of pain is caused by storage of acidification and waste products in tissues. You can remove these substances by drinking a lot of water and detoxifying. But how do you actually do that?

You can go on a detox vacation. Several spas offer special detox vacations designed for this purpose. Detoxing can be done quickly (and rough) with castor oil, Epsom salts and enemas. However, these forms make a major impact on your body and that is not very pleasant if you are a chronic pain patient. That is why I describe below a few gentle, friendly methods of detoxification. It works less quickly, but is healthier and fits into your daily rhythm.

Ionic water

The oldest and cheapest way of detoxing is detoxing with ionic water. You can easily make ionic water yourself by boiling water for over 20 minutes in a stainless steel pan. About one third of the water will evaporate from the cooking. Pour the rest into a thermos. Drink a few sips every hour, as hot as possible. Drink enough water next to this. Ionic water binds the waste products, but these substances must be disposed of. You should drink at least as much extra water as the amount of ionic water you consume. If you don't do this, you can get a headache and the waste will simply be stored in another place.

Does this perhaps remind you of fresh soup made from broth? That's right. Homemade soup usually takes longer than 20 minutes to cook on the stove. The water thus becomes ionic and will bind the toxins in your body. That's why broth and soup work so well when you're sick. In addition, most of the nutrients are contained in the liquid (broth) making them easier to swallow and easier to digest.

Ionic water with ginger

If you make ionic water, you can also boil a few slices of fresh ginger root in it. Ginger stimulates detoxification and warms you. This fits very well with the Ayurvedic type of pita. It is less suitable for the types of vata and kappa.


Another option is to squeeze half a lemon every day and dissolve it in 1 liter of water. Unlike ionic water, you can count lemon water as water you drink. If you do this twice, you immediately have your minimum amount of water for that day. This method therefore fits perfectly into a normal work and life rhythm.


It does taste sour, that's for sure. But do not sweeten this with syrup or sugar, because that is counterproductive. You can dilute it more, by dissolving half a lemon in two liters of water. In doing so, you will get used to it. So start very diluted and let the lemon solution get more and more concentrated.

Other possibilities

There are many other options for detoxing. For example, you can also detox with baking soda. You can fast. There are very strict fasts and mild fasts. Do realize that fasting is mainly aimed at detoxification and not at weight loss. The following applies to all forms of detoxification: DRINK ENOUGH WATER!

5 glazen water

If you want to detox, always pay close attention to your body. Don't go too far and take care of yourself.

What is your favorite method to detox?



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