Heath soothes painl

Warmth is wonderful now that the days are still so cold. In this period we often suffer from a stiff neck, cold on the shoulders or back (pain and stiffness) and colds. You can also get a lot of muscle pain, especially when coughing.

After a cold day it is wonderful to warm up inside. I myself notice that I get very (unnaturally) cold when I feel more pain. Then I really need heat from outside.

For many types of chronic pain, heat can be pleasant, this however is not the case if the pain is caused by inflammation (inflammation is usually characterized by redness, warmth and swelling of the skin).

Heat sources


Here you can soak in warm water, lie in sauna cabins and make use of steam baths and infra-red saunas.


Lying in warm water is wonderful, provided you can get in and out of the bath (a stool or a partner helping you can be a godsend).


This can be an alternative, although it is very expensive and consumes a lot of water if you are under it for more than 10 minutes.

Electric Blanket and Electric Pillow

These come in many sizes, shapes and sizes. Most have different settings and this has definitely become my favorite heat source. The advantage is that you can not burn yourself.

Infrared lamp

In many shapes and sizes. A wonderful form of heat, but you can also burn yourself with this if you sit too long or too close.

Cherry kernel bag

Nice heat, but you can easily burn yourself here too


Nice heat, but you can easily burn yourself here too

Chemical heat pack

These are small "pads" with transparent liquid in which a metal plate floats. By snapping the metal plate, a chemical reaction occurs, making the pad opaque and hard. This releases heat. Very handy to carry in your bag or pocket. Available in many different qualities. Follow the directions on the package very carefully and make sure that the package does not leak. There are heat packs that you cannot burn yourself on and that you can burn yourself on.

Most can be reused by boiling the pack for 10 minutes in boiling water in a pan (do not put in a kettle!!!)


It's meant to dry hair, but can be useful for adding heat if you don't have anything else. If you hold the blow dryer mouth too close to the skin, you can also burn it.

Heat creams and heat patches

There are so many! Note the difference between creams and patches with red pepper (Capsicum) to which many people are hypersensitive and the creams and patches based on menthol. Personally, I prefer the menthol patches and creams. My favorite is FIT sports balm. In any case, make sure you wash your hands well after using the heat creams and plasters. You don't want to get this in your eyes.

Which heat source do you use? Leave your comment below.


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