Water firstl

Are you dehydrated?

Water is, next to oxygen, the second vital raw material of life. If you drink not enough water, you will become ill. Yet most of us are dehydrated from lack of water.

In 1999, as part of my studies, I did research in Australia, in the Northern Territory. It is very hot and humid or very hot and dry. The first thing I learned was to “Drink lots of water. Drink water every hour. If you're thirsty, you're too late."

Did you know that the moment you get thirsty, your body is already short of three very large glasses of water (Batmanghelidj, 2009)?

7 Functions of water

Dr. Batmanghelidj has explained the functions of water very clearly in his book.

  1. Water is the largest amount of material in your body that fills up the empty spaces. It is the most important building material that gives shape to your body. A shortage of water therefore promotes wrinkles and other aging phenomena.
  2. Water is the means of transport for the circulation of blood cells (and therefore oxygen).
    Water is a solvent for oxygen, food, minerals, vitamins, proteins, waste and all other substances that are transported in your body.
  3. Water is the adhesive that holds the solid parts of a cell together. Water also forms a protective layer around each cell.
  4. The whole system of communication between the cells, between the cells and the nerves, in the nerves and in your brain takes place through the water that surrounds your cells. And in particular by "free water" that is not bound to anything else or performs another activity.
  5. Water is the central regulator of the body and maintains the balance (thermostat). If there is not enough water in the boiler, the thermostat is out of adjustment.
  6. Water is also a fuel used for the digestion of our food and in our energy system.

Do you drink enough water?

Do you wait until you are thirsty before drinking? When you drink, do you grab water, coffee, soft drinks, or tea? Did you know that you need a whole glass of water to digest coffee? That is why water is also served with espresso in Italy. What would happen to our thermostat if it sounds the alarm due to a lack of water in the boiler and we pour coffee or soft drinks into it?

As a sports care masseur and sensi therapist, I advised my clients to drink a lot of water. These are answers I regularly received:

  • I really drink enough water. In the morning when I wake up I immediately drink a glass;
  • I drink coffee all day, so that's fine;
  • I don't like water;
  • I do drink water at home;
  • Yes I will.
sportvrouw drinkt water

Most people don't even realize they don't drink enough water. You really can't get there with 1 glass of water a day.

“I don't like water” is very difficult for me to understand. It's not about liking it, it's about your life, your health, your pain, your happiness. Sweetening water with syrup will not help with this. Water is "empty" for your body. It can be used as a solvent, as a building material, as a fuel. Your body can get rid of all the waste that you no longer need. Water with syrup, lemonade or soda is "full". Your body must first clean this before it can be used. That costs energy and water.

You can, however, put fresh herbs or fruit in water, such as mint or lemon balm, slices of strawberry, orange, lemon and melon. During the course of the day, the water then takes on the flavor of the herb or fruit.

The best tip I can give is: “Learn to drink water and start drinking water. At least one to two liters of pure water per day! A little bit every hour.”

The first thing you will notice is that your eyes will shine, your skin will become tighter and more resilient, making you look more youthful. Your body will digest food better, allowing you to better absorb vitamins and minerals. This gives you more energy and more resilience. Most importantly: Pain and complaints decrease in intensity until they disappear.

I like to drink my water with the juice of half a lemon in 1 liter of water. In winter I like to add a slice of fresh ginger root.

How do you prefer to drink your water?



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